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Drugs Are Like That

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Drugs Are Like That

Publication date 1979
Topics drugs
Publisher WPBT-TV

Anita Bryant (famous Florida orange juice and anti-gay spokeswoman) narrates this film that tries to simplify its drug abuse message with an analogy of kids putting together a contraption out of Lego blocks. Although the metaphors often don't make sense, the visual impact of the film is stunning and could easily be quite popular with individuals consuming illicit drugs. Also, like most anti-drug films, this could be a tempting introduction to drugs for some youths yearning to escape their "boring" lives or to rebel against their parents.

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Reviewer: markuskobi - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 21, 2013
Subject: So...What Are Drugs Like?? Huh?? You Know...DRUGS!
Sister: "Whatcha making?"
Brother: "A huka bong with a built in graphix chamber..."
Reviewer: loyaltubist - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 12, 2012
Subject: I enjoy this...
It is, in fact, 1969, not 1979... I checked the Internet Movie Database...
Reviewer: Headlinzman - - October 3, 2011
Subject: Date of Origin
I came across the You Tube posting today and noticed that there are a lot of people who seem to think that this film was released in 1979; that is definitely incorrect. How do I know? My father shot the film, I have a cameo in it along with two family members, and it was pretty much done in the production team's various living rooms. My recollection is that we shot it in '68-69, about when I was eight (around the time 2001 was released); that the Lego bit was shot in Paul Nagle's living room, the opening shot was from within my closet, etc. Of course, my childhood memories aren't infallible, but I'm pretty sure the thing was in the PBS system and the Dade County schools and recreation departments by '70 at the latest. That means Anita Bryant would've been about 29, which is a little surprising the way she sounds.
Reviewer: George Oldupai - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 7, 2011
Subject: 1979?!
this looks like 1970.
Whoever is in charge of this upload should confirm/update the date of origin.
Reviewer: Michael Walken - favoritefavorite - May 25, 2011
Subject: Hissing of summer lawns
Now that's a weird one. A typical product of it's time, it looks like being done with the help of illicit substances. Plenty of moving pictures for the sake of it, dull folksy score, no cognizable narrative route, no coherence between whatever comes next, reluctant kids doing a tiresome "conversations" routine, gee, "Drugs Are Like That" is a sound conclusion, but from what, the heck? Not from this nonlinear nonsense. "Stunning visual impact..." oh boy. Two stars and an academy award nomination for the most brazen product placement in a pointless flick, though.
Reviewer: Bedtime4Bonzo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 11, 2009
Subject: awesome drug vid
i love this one but the mpeg2 download is choppy for some reason. i am going to try to request a repost of it......
Reviewer: dkpt0107 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 11, 2009
Subject: La La La...
This same video was used in The Bird and the Bee video for La La La.

Look it up on youtube.

The pill/needle/joints remind me of Drug Store Cowboy era Van Sant...
Reviewer: xXxKimberlyAnnexXx - favorite - January 6, 2009
Subject: They tried, I guess...
I wasn't expecting much from a Florida Orange juice and anti-homosexual spokes-person anyway, but they obviously didn't put much thought into this film...
And what were they talking about "the visual impact of the film is stunning and could easily be quite popular with individuals consuming illicit drugs" I didn't see any stunning visuals!!!
The attempt at being metaphoric was lame at best, they were overly vague and general, and the statement " like most anti-drug films, this could be a tempting introduction to drugs" was strange... they obviously thought too much of this film and shouldn't make films about subjects they have no experience with or knowledge about. I wasted how much of my time over this? I guess drugs are like that, too... ;)
Reviewer: bestpbx - favorite - March 20, 2008
Subject: This film is a drug!
It killed 50,000,000 brain cells and made me want to beat up a bunny rabbit. This film is worse than CRACK! Do not watch it. You will be sorry! Anita Bryant will come to your house with a photographer and they will make a film of you when you drop your pacifier and no matter how hard you cry they will not let you have it. Oh, they HUMANITY! Somebody save me!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: your dog - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 13, 2008
Subject: Salome Lego Playset
there is this italian band that is basically what this movie is all about.
you can find their music on
salome lego playset

i liked the movie.
Reviewer: kingcole - favoritefavorite - February 3, 2008
Subject: Oh my god.
lmfao This video is so inaccurate in it's metaphors and although it is hilarious, it's so intolerant.

And since when does a Lego machine smoke? XD That piece had no place in the entire machines mechanic system and the whole thing blew up.

I really hope that the person below me is joking. Anyone who's scared from this needs a reality check.

Drugs are sort of like some of the things. But I must say that other than to laugh at (and I mean get a kick out of) this video is pointless! Shoot it just makes me want to go do some drugs and watch again so I can laugh my ass off at how ridiculous it really is.
Reviewer: Hank Chinaski - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 18, 2007
Subject: about this, dear lord.
this scared shit out of me, literally. now i'll be having nightmares about this, dear lord.
Reviewer: jspivack - - November 1, 2007
Subject: Nostalgia trip!
This was made way before '79. It had to have been made in 1970 or before, because I remember VIVIDLY seeing the film at a Miami Dade Public School when I was in the second grade (in 1970). Specifically, the film was shown during a local Cub Scouts meeting at the school. Coincidentally, my brother was a classmate and fellow scout of David Blood, son of Robert J. Blood who is credited as "production coordinator" for the film. Mr. Blood made documentary films for a living, and I still remember the editing equipment in his home (he used primarily 16mm film), and being fascinated by it.

Miami was a great place to be a kid in those days, but not without its problems, including a nascent drug trade. It probably seemed like all fun and games at the time (except for worried parents), until the first public salvo in the cocaine wars of Miami when Griselda Blanco (the Godmother of Cocaine) had her boys shoot up two rival cocaine cowboys (plus innocent bystanders) from an armored van at a Dadeland liquor store on July 11, 1979. A few years later, there was crack...

Those reviewers who find the pace plodding, the dialog stilted, and the metaphors mixed may have a point, but remember that attention spans were longer then (even for children), before the days of information overload and home pc based non-linear editing availability to the masses. I'm not saying those times were better, just different, and it helps to view something like this in context.
Reviewer: BloodyL - favoritefavorite - July 25, 2007
Subject: Drugs are like what?
A pretty dull film whose only saving grace is the lego machine.

As has already been noted, the dialogue between the kids is awful beyond belief, almost every other word is "What?", so much so that I begun to consider that the film was sponsored by the American Council of What?.
Reviewer: The Chimp - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2007
Subject: Drugs are like What?
I was subjected to such films in the late seventies by well meaning (or bored) teachers. Rather than having the desired effect these films mostly encouraged children to take drugs. This film is best viewed and understood if you are *on* drugs...

A boy named Shannon? Gotta love that song!
Reviewer: Rotted - favorite - April 28, 2007
Subject: oh come on
If my kids watch this film, they would be really scared of living. Because "drugs are like everything".
It is not a film for all kind of minds. I bet u some other children, besides mine, will understand something different. Fear to live, or maybe "hey, let's take some drugs, anyway we can be swallowed by the lake"
And at the end, if u change a little piece of this master machine, everything will be spoiled.. come on, are we so stupid? that's an insult for human being. our minds and bodies are so flexible, of course not everybody could live taking drugs, there are many machines that are cheap-qualited. haaha.
You guys keep on praying, the lord will come (from nowhere) and save u from the sin.
Reviewer: Larry Gilbert - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 19, 2007
Subject: The hell with the drugs
...I want those Lego pieces! Those are bad-ass!!
Reviewer: silvertwinz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 21, 2006
Subject: this review is like that too...
the pictures of the falling shower of pills is kinda neat. seeing someone making doobies out of rolled toilet paper is not. with all the bright pictures, it makes me think drungs are spiffy,but the analogies are pretty strange. all in all this is what i learned:
drugs are in many pretty colors and look appealing.
lockup the cookie jar from your kids.
even binkies can and are seen as crack for babies.
don't get dizzy and play ball 'cause you'll suck at it.
don't go out into the lake 'cause it will eat you and burp up your bones later.
and finally--don't blow smoke over moving lego parts or they will explode.

enjoyable, but really, really strange.
Reviewer: Woofpop - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 26, 2006
Subject: Back in elementary school in Ft Lauderdale in 73...
I believe that this was a compilation of PSA's that date back nearly a decade before 1979, with the kids-Lego wraparound from later. I remember the hopscotch, spinning swing and cookie jar spots from when I was in elementary school in the early 70's - shown on a 16mm projector, of course!
This is worth it for the "floating pills and syringes" spot alone! A couple of years ago, I was trying to describe this same segment to some friends who did not recall it - now I have proof that it exists!!!
Reviewer: cyclic - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 4, 2006
Subject: this is like something else...
Both surreal and comical, I suspect that it was made by people who had taken a lot of hallucinogens (possibly during the making of the film), after being paid by rabid anti-drug/homosexuality/free thought christians to educate kids on the danger of drugs. I especially enjoyed the end where the metaphor of the mechanical lego is explained: "People are like machines, so stay in your place"
Also, great song!
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 1, 2006
Subject: This is a review. A what?
Extremely bizarre film about what makes drugs.. well.. bad. 2 laughably dressed kids in even a more laughably decorated house talk about drugs. What? You know, drugs! The kids discuss this while putting together this wicked ass contraption from Lego. From what? You know, Lego.What is WRONG with these kids? Why do they have to have everything repeated twice? Anyways, the girl apparently had a lecture about drugs, and why theyÃÂÃÂre bad for you. No real hard evidence, apparently it was the beating around the bush approach they were going for. You know, Swimming is fun, but it can also be dangerous as well! Drugs are like that! DonÃÂÃÂt reach for the cookie jar, you might fall and hurt yourself! Drugs are like that. You can be really good in baseball, but sometimes youÃÂÃÂre not! Drugs are like that. Inane comparision after inane comparison are shown. And oh right, Miss Anita ÃÂÃÂhomosexuals are evilÃÂÃÂ Bryant (love that ÃÂÃÂMissÃÂÃÂ in front of her name!) narrates. So you know itÃÂÃÂs true.
Reviewer: left wing films - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 2, 2005
Subject: Lego goes wild
hilarious short film selling cheap a bunch a lies to american kids about drugs.
Two kids make analogies of to drug related problems while one of them builts up a lego
The best part is where we see the smoke around the Lego, oh its so true...
drugs are bad?
Well that s not the point but frighting and lying seems to be the normal standard for american education which is sad...
besides that the film is totally fun to watch
5 stars for the amazing irony and nice shots of legos and drugs falling loop.
Its totally worth the download!
Reviewer: Christine Hennig - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 2, 2005
Subject: What About Weird, Trippy Classroom Films? Drugs Are Like That, Too
This 60s anti-drug film for kids is one weird trip, man. Two kids play with Legos and talk about drugs. This is used as a springboard to make very far-fetched analogies about drug use. Example: The game ÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂStep on a Crack, Break Your MotherÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂs BackÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ is like drugs because it can get to be a habit if you do it too much. The analogies are all presented in a hippy trippy style that makes you think the director was abusing certain substances, which IÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂd say undercuts its message just a bit. It begins and ends with a very bad folkie anti-drug theme song. This description doesnÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂt begin to convey the weird, disturbing mood of this film. The ending is particularly disturbing and yet kooky as well, featuring as it does the metaphor that growing up is like walking down a dangerous, unknown street. This is definitely a classic of the anti-drug genre, being the closest thing I can think of to a film that could actually drive a kid to abuse substances.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: *****. Weirdness: *****. Historical Interest: *****. Overall Rating: *****.
Reviewer: DrKnapp - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 28, 2005
Subject: Drugs - They're not just for breakfast anymore!
This "scare-to-care" film is comprised of a bewildering cornucopia of incompatible styles: campy, serious, patronizing, dream-sequence bits, and Lego advertisement. The plodding pacing, inane dialogue and occasional cartoon sound effects leaves the viewer both bored and confused as to the seriousness of the subject matter. The only thing consistent in this absurd film is the condescending narrative squeal of the famously futile homophobe, Anita Bryant (Oy!). This lame project was probably the only thing she could get hired for in '79. The lesson here is that you can get cheap laughs without getting high - just watch this drowsy film. Goofing value: 9.5, Educational value: 2.
Reviewer: thingfish - favoritefavoritefavorite - August 25, 2005
Subject: Best Folk Song Ever
The song absolutely does it for me. A mellow, feel-good, James Taylor-ish acoustic piece. First rate absurdity.
Reviewer: noodhoog - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 29, 2005
Subject: Danger! Not taking drugs may damage memory
If the kids in this movie are anything to go by as examples of drug free living, then we should probably all rush out and pump ourselves full of as many drugs as possible.

Their conversations typically sound like this:
"I saw a lady today"
"A what?"
"A lady"
"What did she say?"
"The lady."
"Which lady?"
"The lady you saw. What did she say?"
"She told us about a baby"
"A what?"
"A baby."
"What about a baby..?"
"What baby?"

and so on...
That aside, this is a great little film. A must watch for any afficionados of illicit substances. Many parts are just downright surreal. Very trippy. But then, Drugs Are Like That.
Reviewer: chadwys - favoritefavorite - March 26, 2005
Subject: HAHA! Drukqs...
It's worth downloading for the jolly fat man dancing around like a moron. That'll go great in my music vid...
Reviewer: Karma Hawk - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 23, 2005
Subject: So where can I buy those type of Legos anywyay?
This film attempts to make various comparisons between drugs and various everyday things (IE: Playing Baseball, Swimming). It attempts to do this all the while focusing on a wierd seemingly out of place narative about two kids plating with motorized legos. Aparently the Legos are supposed to represent humans and if one falls out of place we are all doomed aparently, which makes more sense in the context of the movie than of me trying to explain it. But speaking of legos where can I get some of those, the legos they play with have all sorts of wires and wierd circular pieced pieces that I've never seen before, which today make this horribly outdated. It also features a cheesy song called (you guessed it) "Drugs are like that"
Reviewer: martini66 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 7, 2005
Subject: Reverse Effect Cult Classic
This movie is too funny, and I wouldn't recommend it for children to watch AT ALL. It makes psychedelia look much too inviting. Kids are too impressionable at that age. Some 30 years later, I still haven't forgotten it. In fact, it had such a compelling impact on my friends & I in the 6th grade, that we just couldn't wait to get our hands on some! All the pretty colored pills cascading down were mesmerizing. "Gee I wonder how the yellow ones make you feel". Well, we found out in a big hurry. Some of my fellow classmates have not been as fortunate as I to joke about it today. In retrospect, the kids in the film are so irritating that they alone might lead one into drug abuse. So great job Anita for making me the proud drug user and homosexual I am today! Thank you!

LESSON: Legos lead directly into heroin addiction
Reviewer: adambarnum - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 17, 2004
Subject: Cool song
I liked this video. Pretty entertaining.
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